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Dear Trader,

In response to constant requests from our members, ChartSecret.com announces the immediate availability of the Personal Forex Coaching Service. This service is designed to help traders like you to fast track your development as a forex trader.

The sooner we can get you past the learning phase, the sooner you can start profiting from trading opportunities and making money! We all know what this learning phase can cost, not only in time lost, but in making the stupid mistakes that you shouldn’t and in not making the money that you should.

Facilitated by Michael Wells (see his bio), these coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your individual requirements based on your experience level. And thanks to internet technology that allows us to link computers with both visual and audio capability; these forex coaching sessions will take place at the comfort of your own computer, wherever that may be!

ABOUT Michael Wells

Hey, my name is Michael Wells and I am trading for a living for the last 8 years.

Becoming a trader wasn't easy. It took years of reading, testing and optimizing until I found what really works .. and separated it from all the crap out there.

Sadly most people that sell and teach Forex trading world are NOT traders - but marketers.

They prey on your will to succeed, and sell you rehashed garbage that isn't profitable, and in fact never was.

After few years of failures and spending a few thousands of useless robots and courses, I didn't get anywhere.

I was making no money, and I realized that without the guidance of a real trader It will be impossible to "get it", and the dream of making it in Forex will be lost forever.

It took me several months: I was going through forums for hours every night, looking for someone who can really generate consistent results. Someone who proved himself.

Eventually I found my trader ... and it wasn't cheap. I paid $2,500 for 3 online sessions with him, but it was worth every penny.

I started practicing what he taught me, the mindset that he possessed, that made him so profitable. A few months later I started to profit consistently, and my life changed forever.

Suddenly my financial problems were gone - I simply knew I could log in to my account any time I want and just extract more profits in a few clicks.

I started to enjoy trading, rather than suffering from it. It became a hobby .. a passion, and I opened this site to share my knowledge with other traders.

After all those years, I decided that I am ready to help other traders become successful as well. I hope I can help you become a successful trader, and change your life.

But first, this is what is asked from YOU if you want to enroll and succeed:

YOU MUST BE DISCIPLINED - To profit in trading you MUST be disciplined. There are no undisciplined profitable traders in the long term, and if you can't control yourself - trading may not be for you. You must follow the system that you will learn with maximum precision. If you are not sure, don't trade. But once you are in the trade, never deviate from the system.

APPROACH TRADING AS A BUSINESS - Trading is not a "get rich quick scheme". You will not make $10k overnight and you shouldn't expect to. Trading is a business and you should approach it as one.

BE OPEN MINDED - You may have your own trading experience so far, but honestly if you were already profitable in trading you wouldn't read this page, so I ask you to be open minded and follow the new system you will learn. Master the basics before inventing new techniques.


You will get to see me trade in real time, ask me anything and just see how a real traders makes money in Forex. No bullshit, no marketing and no fancy tools - just a chart trader extracting cash and executing Forex tactics that have been profitable for the last 30 years

This is not some temporary system that will fail tomorrow. There is conclusive evidence that shows that this same system has been profitable for decades, and has been generating accurate & profitable buy\sell signals for many years.

Learn trading techniques with proven track record that I trade on Real, LIVE account:

Fig. 1: $57.28 Profit = 4% Gain in Live Account

Fig. 2: Real Profits in Live Account

Fig. 3: $189 Profits = Almost 9% Gain in 1 Day

This will be the best investment you will ever make. Imagine how much money you will save by not buying another crappy Forex products... Kiss the robots goodbye after you have a solid system that actually profits.

Forget about Forex robots, gambling and losing money.

When you become a profitable & consistent Forex trader, you have absolute freedom. You can work from anywhere, any time. All you need is internet connection.

The system you will learn works on any market. So if you want to trade Gold, Stocks, GBP\JPY or Nasdaq - after a few hours with me you'll know exactly how to approach any market with confidence that only a winning system can give you.

Fig. 4: Made +1.5% Gain in Real Account

All the trades you will learn to take have a risk:reward ratio of at least 1:2, so you always stand to win twice the amount you risk. This makes sure you are profitable in the long-term and this is something that is very rare in Forex. Most systems sold have a negative Risk:Reward, which makes their profit curve look good when in fact one loss is all you need to empty your accounts.

Fig. 5: I have quadrupled my real, live Forex account

As you see I have made 349% Gain on my REAL Forex account. This is not a demo account - it's a LIVE account with real money. (You can contact me to receive the investor password and take a look).

Forget about the "smooth" equity curves you see in most robots - real trading is never like that. Perfect results are nonexistant, a lie that marketers pump but has little connection to reality.

You will learn to identify when the big players - the "whales" - are entering the markets, and how to follow their footsteps and profit from their waves. You will discover when they are about to enter, and will be able to time your entries right before the big moves.

I wouldn't claim I've seen it all, but I have definitely tested most of the systems out there. And by testing I mean tested and optimized: In my spare time I used to build Forex systems, test and optimize them.

I've tested most of the systems out there, optimized and mechanically verified most indicators out there. Most of them are not worth the bytes of data they occupy on your hard disk. Don't waste hundreds of dollars on another losing system again.

All trades you will learn to take are with tight stop loss, that ensures your long-term survival at the markets and protects your capital.

Not only all trades are protected by the tight stop loss, you will also learn the logical method of placing stop loss - depending on the volatility, so you can apply it to any FX pair.

Most indicators people use are just fancy tools with no real value. I will teach you the real ones you should use and how to use them so you have an edge.
Even simple indicators like the Moving Average can become very powerful if you know how to interpret them.

SPECIAL BONUS: The Delta Force Indicator for MT4

All my coaching students receive the DeltaForce Indicator for MetaTrader 4 (Sold here for $109.99) for free, and get a special lesson on how to use it to extract profits. This indicator is the swiss knife of Forex tools, allowing you to pin-point bottoms and tops on any pair and any timeframe.

I give continual email support to all my clients. So if you have any questions about the system or a particular trade, just shoot me an email.
You can contact me with any questions at: admin [AT] chartsecret.com, we try to answer every email within 12 hours.

What Our Students Have to Say:

"... Yearly return of 14%"

2012 was my first full year of active trading with Michael and got a yearly return of 14%. For me, the most important thing is Michael’s continued support through his webinars and email support. Any questions I have are usually always responded to within a day. The system is essentially quite straightforward, but its the support provided which makes this system rise above the rest.

Australia, 18th February 2013

"... The system is consistent and repeatable"

The problem I have had with trading forex since commenced 18 months ago was too many systems and not sticking to the trading plan. I bought Michael’s cource towards end 2012 and still was not following the rules and identifying good trading opportunities. Last week concentrated on 4H using an entry method for reduced risk but higher return which his course teaches and great week week. 9 winners and 5 losses and account greaw more than 6% with risk of 0.5-1% risk. Three losses I realise now were not good entries so will be looking for improvement there. Three trades 3:1 RR and also traded the daily recommendations and with good success. With dailies these are set and forget as per the system measurements but you need to manage your trades. The system is consistent and repeatable and if you stick with the system which is easy to understand and make your trading plan solid this system will return a positive income.


"... Increase of 42.39% on my bank"

I recommend this course to all interested in trading Forex for a living
Coming to the end of my first year of trading with Michael Wells – the Forex Trading Coach. A big thanks to the fortnightly webinars. Very happy with my first full years trading showing an increase of 42.39% on my bank! Your Webinars are comparable to going to varsity every fourteen days to fine tune our trading. Recommend this course to all interested in trading for a living.

Katherine Simmons
Stockton, CA

"... You truly are a real trader!"

Must tell you I am thoroughly enjoying your course. You truly are a real trader! Your unique approach in helping the less informed on really understanding the Forex market is truly informative and very user friendly!

Christopher D. Belt
Pittsburgh, PA

"... Up $750 – 3 winning trades & one loss…" -Jane McAdams

"Michael – had a good week… up $750 – 3 winning trades & one loss…"

"... Thanks for a great session"

"Thanks for a great session. You have extremely good people skills Mike and I'm sure that a lot of members will benefit greatly from that and of course from you're FX experience.Thanks also for the charts, I will go over and over them. Study is not like work to me because this is what I truly want to do. Take care and hopefully soon I will be able to send you an upbeat mail telling of consistent results."

Teo Romano

"... I really enjoyed the sessions"

"Just wanted to say a really big thank you for the coaching sessions over the past couple of days. They have started to get me thinking about my trading approach in a very different way. I really enjoyed the sessions and am very grateful for your professional and friendly approach. Many thanks for the attachments, which I am gradually going through page by page to re-inforce the points you were making. Thank you very much once again.

Best regards. -Brian

"... Made 231 pips in a week"

"Hi Mike,

I have attended the coaching service from Michael Wells. I was amazed the strategy Mike told me. It worked out so perfectly for me. Mike was so perfect in his job that i would recommend that each and every student of forex mentor team should attend atleast one class. I have taken four trades last week and all the trades was so perfect with entry and exit that I just can't believe it. I have made 231 pips in a week on a live account. If you will be patient and search for a nice trade setup "pull the trigger" you will hardly loose money. Thanks Mike for teching me such a good trading techniques"

- Deepak

"... Today i made profit twice on USD/CHF"

"Hi Mike, Your method is superb, today i made profit twice on USD/CHF, first time 28 pips and 2nd trade, 18 pips. Thankyou very much for your help.

Wei Neo, Singapore

"...Total: 194 pips"

"Hi Michael,

This was the first full week of trading since my mentoring session with you....The results: 5 trades taken, 5 successes, total: 194 pips.... I found your mentoring session very helpful and putting it together with 6 months of practicing with core methods, I feel the light has finally gone on.

Best wishes again,
David J, London, UK

"... 31 pips ... 37 pips"

Hi Michael,

Trades are going well. Have to share this with you. It's a first for me. Trading the same pair twice on the same day. Entered a long position with EUR/JPY during the London session today(Friday) for 31 pips and then entered a long position on the same pair during the NY session for 37 pips.
Thanks Michael.
Have a great weekend

Raymond Nelson
Holyoke, MA


A BULLETPROOF TRADING SYSTEM - All trading techniques/strategies experience losses. Anyone who claims differently is simply lying to you. Professional traders mitigate their losses through "Money Management"... appropriate position size and stop loss placement - then move on to the next trade setup.

A COMPLICATED TRADING SYSTEM WITH FANCY INDICATORS - The more complicated your system, the less chance it will work or that you will follow it! Don't get distracted by indicators, gadgets or information overload. The majority of technical trading indicators are a total waste of time with currencies. The most important indicator is price - learn how to interpret what it is telling you

AN EFFORTLESS SYSTEM TO MAKE HUNDREDS OF PIPS -it doesn't exist, despite what many emails from internet trading marketers would like you to believe.

CAUTION be very careful of a corrupt self-serving forex review site on the internet. It was brought to my attention by a student and as it turns out, it is very well known. The site is a scam and it's operators have a long history of scamming and corruption! It promotes companies affiliated with it and discredits companies that are not. It also attempts to attach malware - which is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss and permanent file deletion to those who take issue with their deceit. I recommend performing a thorough Google search for reviews of them and reading about their sordid history.


PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE INTERACTIVE COACHING LIVE via Skype. All you need is a computer, preferably a headset with a microphone, and a fast internet connection. We will be able to talk while you see my trading screen, as I demonstrate each technique.

I will walk you through, step by step what you need to know and recognize to be successful in forex trading. Simple techniques are much more effective with trading than complicated ones. You will learn how to spot when the massive traders, "The Whales" have stepped in and are going to trend the market, the direction, and how to trade along with them. By placing your trades and setting your profit targets similar to theirs, your trading success increases exponentially.

Over the course the coaching, you will learn, identify and practice the techniques every day, as they become ingrained as a habit. It will revolutionize the way you look at charts and take trades. It will build your confidence enabling you to be focused and ready for each trade to set up.

You will be able to learn without being overwhelmed and it gives you the opportunity to practice the techniques daily. You are encouraged to send me screenshots daily with your comments, identifying what we covered, so I can help you with any questions, avoid miscommunication and prevent any bad habits from forming. It gives you a chance to look for and test daily in a live market, what you have learned, but not with real money. I want you to have at least a 70+ percent winning consistency over two or three months, and thoroughly understand how to identify when to enter a trade, reward to risk ratio, dynamic stop-loss placement, institutional profit targets for the session, weekly goals and money management, before considering using real money. The four essential qualities for being a successful trader - Focus - Discipline - Patience - Persistence.

It's important to realize the market does not behave the same way each day and some weeks it offers us more opportunities to take trades than other weeks. I will introduce you to four techniques/strategies that will allow you to find at least one trade most days and some days more. If the market does not produce one of our high probability setups, we don't trade!

The focus will be on what you need to perfect your trading.

Through the computer link-up process, Michael will be able to deal directly with you concerning anything from basic trading issues such as setting up your trading platform and charts, calculating and plotting pivot levels, etc, to the actual technical analysis leading to the identification and execution of a trade.

Our goal is to do everything we can to see you become a consistently profitable trader and if you’re making the common mistakes that plague traders, then it’s critical that you identify and correct them as soon as possible, and Michael will certainly help you do that. Really the only question is your own current comfort level with your trading.

Don't hesitate and take the fast track to Forex success. Your trading account will thank you for it.

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