Trading Secrets Unleashed

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Trade Like the Professionals with Proven Chart Patterns!
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Trading Secrets Unleashed™ is like no other trading book. Focused on practical techniques, Trading Secrets Unleashed™ teaches you how to create extraordinary profits with chart patterns. We will teach you the very core of trading, the patterns that appeared again, and again, and again - for over a century!

Countless books have been written about Chart Patterns.. yet none teach you how to actually trade them! No more. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ is focused on practical knowledge, that you could implement and profit instantly. No high-talk, no B.S - we not only promise, but deliver you the best and most consistent trading techniques available. You will learn the hidden forces behind the market that create the big trends and cause market reversals.

Book Trade 2
Short trade at EUR\USD, based on the Trading Secrets Unleashed™ patterns. +171 pips in 1 trading day.

Book Trade 1
Example trade with the Trading Secrets Unleashed™ techniques. Closed +160 pips.

No more lagging indicators that show you only the past - the patterns we will teach you give you early signals of key movement of the markets, allowing you to join the smart money before the crowd. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ describes high-quality entry places, thus minimizing your stop loss and give you the best entry point possible. We teach you only the best chart patterns that have proven to work in over 80% of times. These are the techniques that gained our traders 150% on equity, per month!

Solid rules and system are the only way to survive in the FOREX market. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ focused on systematic and easy to understand rules for identifying, entering and exiting trades. This mechanic approach increases your profits by limiting your margin for error and doubts. When trading is clearly defined, you have no reason to fear or hesitate - and trading becomes easy and relaxing. Our system is designed to trade only maximum-probability trades, making it easy to gain profits and confidence.

The trading signals we will teach you are easy to trade and identify - even for the inexperienced trader. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ assumes absolutely no previous knowledge, making it the best book for beginners at Trading. Each pattern is supplied with dozens of REAL examples from REAL charts, giving you an insight on how the pattern comes into action in market environment. Experienced trader? You can also learn tricks of trading chart patterns that can greatly increase your profits.

Book Trade 3
Short trade at USD\CHF, +72 pips in few hours of trading. These techniques work on any pair!

Trading Secrets Unleashed™ is the only book to cover both trading techniques and psychological attitude of the professional traders. These are the traders that are not afraid of loss and have confidence of their system and trading rules. You will learn the core beliefs behind their mindset, and uncover the reasons for your trading mistakes. As trading is 80% psychological and only 20% analytical, acquiring the mindset of a pro is essential to your trading success.

"Best Chart Patterns book I've read"

"Every trader knows that the system is the most important part of trading profits... Well, I now got my system as solid as stone. The rules I learned are objective and strong, and my trading performance improved beyond my dreams.

It is unbelievable how these simple setups generate so much profits!"

Ahmed Basheer
Day Trader

"Made 700$ in my first trade"

"I must thank you guys for this book... Definitely worth the price. Simple rules, simple trades - and simple profits. I can't help thinking about all the time I wasted with useless indicators. Now I trade only support and resistance - and never look back!"

Jeffrey Benson
Advertising Consultant

These techniques work in any market, whether it is the FOREX markets, Stocks or Futures, these chart patterns have been proven to work for centuries, regardless on the security you trade on. You can implement the knowledge gained for your profits on any commodity, future or stock - and the technique remains the same! It is an extra proof that these patterns are the hidden power behind the markets, and they exists regardless of the commodity you trade on.

As a client of, you will receive instant access to our special, client-only support forums. In these forums you could ask questions about chart patterns and the implementation of the knowledge you have learned. Our traders and analysts will provide full help and trading guidance identifying the patterns learned in this book, and trading in general. We want you to succeed in trading, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your financial goals.

Table Of Contents

FOREX Market; The goal of this book; Trading methodology and its basis;
page 3
Chapter 1: Foundations of Trading Success
Importance of the proper mindset; false beliefs that prevent achieving trading success; System and solid rules for trading; Effect of quality of trades on performance;
page 4
Chapter 2: The Basics of Charting
Support and Resistance levels; Trendlines; Breakouts and Pullbacks; How to confirm pullbacks and bounces with Candlesticks; Examples;
page 8
Chapter 3: Money Management
Universal rules of Money Management; Do not change your trade size; Effect of losses or gains over trade size;
page 25
Chapter 4: Chart Patterns
Chart patterns we will trade; How we trade them; Examples for each pattern;
page 28
Chapter 5: Trade Management
What is Trade Management; Common methods of Trade Management; Using 4HiLo indicator to trail Stop Loss;
page 54
Chapter 6: Trader Evolution
Learning curve of traders – need for experience; Ways of speeding up learning; Trading Journal; Practice on historical charts and patterns;
page 59
Conclusion page 61

We don't waste your precious time with blabber and useless information and stories. All you will get is solid rock rule for thinking, trading and profiting in trading. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ is not an encyclopedia - but a guide that teaches you what to trade, when to enter, where to place your stop loss and where to place your take profit. And the best thing of all - these techniques work on any chart, forex pair or stock so you could trade in any market, and maximize your profits. Instead of writing a boring 500-pages-long book, we have written a simple and easy to understand guidebook, that if followed precisely - will generate profits.

What You Get:

  1. Trading Secrets Unleashed™ Ebook - After purchase you will be mailed your copy of Trading Secrets Unleashed™ in PDF format.
  2. 60 Example Trades! - Trading Secrets Unleashed™ contains 60 examples of real trades, taken with the techniques you will learn. For each trade you will learn how entry, stop loss and take profit were set and will learn the logic behind the trades.
  3. Bonus 1: Full & Unlimited Support - UNLIKE MANY INTERNET VENDORS, we stand behind what we teach and sell. Therefore, we will provide you with full access to client-only support forums, in which you will receive support and help in identifying and trading chart patterns. Our traders and analysts will help you decide which chart patterns to trade and how to time your trades. No questions of yours will be left unanswered and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
  4. Bonus 2: 4HiLo Indicator - An indicator used to trail stop with better precision and performance. This indicator is used by many great traders to trail stop loss and can greatly improve your trading performance. Instructions for using and installing this indicator are provided in the book.

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