Range Oscillator

Next-generation Indicator Predicts Reversals and Identifies Overbought \ Oversold Periods

The Range Oscillator automatically searches for areas of Support and Resistance that are potential reversal areas - and alerts when price touches these levels. Using complex cycle-identification algorithm, the Range Oscillator identifies the beginning of new cycles, allowing you to join the trend earlier than other traders.

Our complex algorithm identify high-probability turning points present early trading signals. Our algorithms work in any pair and time frame, useful in all trading styles. Range Oscillator can also be used as a confirmation for Chart Patterns and other signals.

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 1: Demonstration of Range Oscillator in action

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 2: Range Oscillator identified the exact points of trend reversal

Why Using the Range Oscillator:

Leading Signals - While most indicators show you the past, Range Oscillator predicts future trends and provides Leading Signals. Once price is overbought or oversold, indicator changes color and alerts you to prepare to trade.

Works in all timeframes and pairs - The Range Oscillator adjusts itself to changes in Volatility and works on any FOREX pair or Commodity. Whether you are Day Trader or an Investor, the Range Oscillator can help you identify commodities that are oversold or overbought.

Automatic Alerts - The Range Oscillator alerts users of reversal in prices, and warns against phases of Overbought and Oversold. Alerts can be via sound and\or email.

Easy Installation - Range Oscillator is accompanied with an installation guide to ease the installation process. Support Team is also available to assist in installation and use of the Range Oscillator.

Excellent for Chart Traders - Unlike most indicators, the Range Oscillator is very useful for Chartists, as it can confirm Chart Patterns and enhance the quality of trades. Examples below show how Range Oscillator confirmed Patterns with high accuracy.

Video of a Live Trade with Range Oscillator

Testimonials of Our Clients

"80% Hit Rate So Far"

"I am very impressed by the results of Range Oscillator. I took 7 trades so far (5 GBPCHF and 2 GOLD) and standing on 80% Hit Rate! I am not used to trading with indicators but this one really does the trick! Thanks to ChartSecret and Michael for helping my trading with Range O. "

Donald Behringer
27th August, 2009

"An Indicator you MUST have"

"Just to introduce myself: My name is Derek and I am a trader and money manager for 6 years. As my signal service is expanding I am in constant search for more trading methods and tools to help me trade more pairs and more time frames. I have inspected over 50 indicators and some 60 EA and I have to say that this one is one of the very best. I am currently trading it on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, all the Japanese pairs and my profits increased by 40%. I am using it as both trading tool and a mechanism to confirm my pattern trading.

Bottom line: This is a tool you MUST have."

Derek T.
FOREX Trader and Money Manager

Trades & Performance

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 3: Range Oscillator produced trading signal in the USD\CHF pair

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 5: Range Oscillator confirms Wedge Chart Pattern

"3,000$ of Profits..."

"I am probably one of the worst traders out there. I was desperately attempting trading for the last 5 months and have lose 4K - until I have started trading with Range Osc. I am now up 3K and trade with it alone and do not use any of the other lagging stuff that made me lose. I like the way it shows me the future reversals in my trades - I am using it for both entries and exits and very satisfied. My bank is also satisfied ;-)"

Frank B.

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 6: Range Oscillator is useful for Long Term Investors

Demonstration of the Range Oscillator Indicator

Fig. 7: Range Oscillator identifies Retracements in trends

For traders who need a strong and objective mechanism to time trades, the Range Oscillator is an effective tool. Chart Patterns now become easier to trade than ever - when signals are confirmed for maximum win percentage. The Range Oscillator can be used to confirm existing trading systems and to signal autonomous trades.

What You Get

Range Oscillator - Indicator for the MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform.

Installation Guide - Full guide for installing the Range Oscillator on the MetaTrader. Our Support Team is also available to assist in installation and use of Indicator.

Expert Advisor Guidance - If neccesery, our Support Team will provide guidance to implementing the Range Oscillator in Expert Advisors in MetaTrader 4 with no extra charge.

IMPORTANT: Product is emailed immediately after purchase.


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