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Trading The Hikkake Candlestick Pattern

The Hikkake pattern is a candlestick formation designed to identify turning points in market and prices. It is one of the few patterns which can be traded alone without confirmations from support and resistance, thus testifies its strength. Today we will explain how to trade this candlestick pattern.

What Is The Hikkake Pattern
Essentially, the Hikkake is a failed inside-bar pattern. The inside bar is a candlestick formation that occurs when a certain candle closes inside the range of its predecessor. A breakout of the range is confirming the Inside Bar trade.

How To Trade Triple Bottoms

Triple Bottom is a rare variation of a Double Bottom. It's main difference is that instead of two consecutive bottoms, the Triple Bottom has 3 Bottoms on the Support level. Of course, this is also a reversal chart pattern which leads to the reversal of trend from Bearish to Bullish.

In many Triple Bottoms , the third Bottom does not reach the Support level like the first two - and is stopped before the Support level. This indicates that buyers are gaining strength, and sellers did not succeed in pushing the price towards the Support level.


How To Trade Double Bottom

Double Bottoms are a group of patterns that appear after an downtrend and signal its reversal. These are reliable patterns that allow us to join trends early and usually with great Risk:Reward ratio. Bottoms are should appear on a Support level.

Standard Double Bottoms

Trading The Pullback

The Pullback is one of the most reliable trading signals, and it is used in trading various chart patterns. In this article we will define the pullback, address its advantages in trading and show examples of its use.

Pullback occurs after a breakout of a certain psychological level, when price returns to the level it previous broke. If price bounces from that level, it is said that price 'pulled back' to the level. The psychological level can be a Support level, a Resistance or even a dynamic level (trendline).

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