Trades with explanation

Explained Trade: Double Bottom Aggressive Entry


Explained Trade: Double Top in EUR\USD


Aggressive trade of a Double Top, one of the most unique approaches to trading the Double Top pattern.
After the first top was identified, a second top began to form right at Resistance at 1.3400. Waited for candlestick formation to signal short entry.

A Bearish Harami signaled short trade - bearish candle that is entirely in the range of its previous bullish candle.
Entry was 1 pip below the Low of the Bearish candle. Stop Loss was placed 1 pip above the high of the Bearish candle - 28 pips.

Explained Trade: Broadening Wedge at EUR\USD


Broadening Wedge pattern in the EUR\USD. This pattern is a reversal pattern, in this case bearish reversal.

As you may have noticed, I do not enter at the breakouts themselves so I waited for pullback to confirm my entry and to get a better, more precise stop loss. A pullback occurred and a Evening Star candlestick formation confirmed the entry.

Explained Trade: Ascending Triangle in EUR\USD


A ascending triangle trade in the EUR\USD, on 15-minutes chart. I spotted this pattern after the second downswing on the horizontal support level. The triangle size was 73 pips, measured from his tallest point to the support level.

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