Trades with explanation

Result: +2% in Asymmetric Triangle | AUD\CHF


Long signal we posted in Real Time in this page, at the AUD\CHF pair reached target and gained 2% profit (risking 1%) on Equity - or 45 pips profit.

Note that right after target was hit by price a reversal took place - this demonstrates the power of chart patterns in measuring targets for reversals.

Explained Trade: Wedge | EUR\JPY


Wedge Chart Pattern trade

Wedge Chart Pattern that appeared at the Euro-Yen FOREX pair on Friday. This trade demonstrates confirmation of Chart Pattern entry with Fibonacci Retracement in larger timeframe.

Explained Trade: Megaphone - EUR\USD


EUR\USD Megaphone chart pattern

A trade that occurred at the Euro-Dollar Currency Pair, whose basis was the Megaphone Chart Pattern. The Megaphone chart pattern consists of two expanding trendlines which serve as Support and Resistance areas for price. Price bounces from each trendline to the other, until the breakout in one size.

How To Use Fibonacci Retracement


The Fibonacci Retracement is a strong tool that helps to identify reversal points of price and predict continuation of trends. In this article you will learn how to use this magnificent tool in your trading.

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