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6 Stocks to Buy for When Donald Trump Is President

Donald Trump in the White House might be huuuuuge for some stocks.

On the campaign trail, Trump has exhibited a doomsday view of the current stock market. "Be careful of a bubble because what you've seen in the past might be small potatoes compared to what happens," he said in his campaign announcement speech in June.

Ascending Channel Pattern in GOLD Chart

Ascending Channel

Spotted an Ascending Channel pattern in the XAU\USD, a classical bullish pattern that gives us several interesting profiting opportunities.

We will take trades in the following way:
* ONLY LONG Trades when price hits the lower trend line (we will not take short trades while price is in this channel - always important to trade in the general direction). Stop loss will be right below the trend line and profit target will be at the opposite line.

31th July Weekly Analysis: Flag at EUR\USD, Channels

3 Potentially Explosive Stocks: SWS, FUN, STR

Several interesting Chart Patterns appeared on these stocks:

SWS [NYSE] - SWS Group Inc.
A very precise Descending Triangle signals a bearish move of this stock. Resistance trend line is very strong and had been tested by price for 6 price. Support trendline is also strong. Size of the pattern is 7$, meaning that once a breakout to the downside, the price target is 5$. Doesn't look good for SWS.

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