Analysis and Trading Plans for FOREX pairs, S&P, DJIA, etc.

January 07th: EUR\USD Triangle Pattern

A Triangle pattern at the 4-hour chart of the EUR\USD indicates the continuation of the bearish trend. The Triangle is a family of continuation patterns. This particular pattern is the least reliable variation - the symmetric triangle - but it still gives more chance of a continuation of the trend.

December 26th: Wedge at USD\JPY

A Wedge pattern broke upwards at the USD\JPY, hourly chart. A wedge is a strong continuation pattern that usually brings price to continuation of the previous trend. Despite looking like a bearish pattern it usually leads to a bullish breakout. It is expected that price continues the uptrend at the opening.

December 20th: USDCHF Ascending Channel

Channel Chart Pattern

A strong channel pattern has appeared at USD\CHF at 4-hour chart. IT is a strong bullish channel that leads to continuation of the bullish pattern.

Long trade will be signaled at touch of support, Short trade at breakout downwards.

NZD\JPY Head & Shoulders Pattern - 500 Pips

Head & Shoulders Chart Pattern at NZD\JPY

A Head & Shoulders pattern was completed at the NZD\JPY exotic pair, at daily chart. The Head & Shoulders is considered the most reliable chart pattern, with over 95% win rate. This pattern is a strong reversal pattern that creates big trend reversals - and indicates a shift to a bearish trend at the NZD\JPY.

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