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USD\JPY Head & Shoulders Reversal (135 Pips)

A Head & Shoulders pattern has formed at the USD\JPY. This is the most reliable and consistent reversal pattern - it leads to reversal at 95% of trades and is considered 'the king of chart patterns'. Price has already broken the neckline and we would wait for a pullback to join the trade. Target will be 135 pips from the location of the pullback.

AUDUSD: Triple Top (100 Pips)

AUD\USD has created a wonderful pattern at the hourly chart - a precise Triple Top at the highest high. This pattern, especially at this location, can lead to an overall shift of trend to a strong bearish movement. Pattern is 100 pips in size and neckline is positioned at 0.9200.

Trading: Aggressive traders will enter short at breakout, conservative ones will wait for pullback. This should be a very profitable trade with high Risk:Reward.

60 Pips Double Bottom | EUR\USD

Very precise double bottom has been broken at the EUR\USD pair. Price has broken its neckline and may pull back to test it again. If it does pull back, we would enter Long trade with take profit 60 pips from the pullback location. The 4-hour chart also shows us that the EUR\USD has recently completed 23.6 Fibonacci Retracement and therefore is expected to continue its bullish movement, even beyond the current top.

USD\JPY Triple Bottom - 200 Pips

A very price bullish pattern has been broken in the USD\JPY Forex pair - the Triple Bottom. This is a very strong bullish pattern that leads to a uptrend in 83% probability. Note that the neckline is a tested Resistance area that was confirmed for 5 times and proven as strong.

Trading: Price has began to pull back to the neckline. Wait for confirmation from candlesticks and enter Long trade with target of 200 pips and stop loss behind the downswing (90.20).

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