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DeltaForce Indicator

Powerful Indicator Identifies Tops and Bottoms

DeltaForce Indicator is truly a remarkable indicator. It automatically searches and identifies exact Tops and Bottoms of price, allowing you to enter at the absolute low and generate great profits.

Using complex calculations the DeltaForce Indicator pin-points the best trading signals. Examples:

Fig. 1: DeltaForce generated Short trade at USD\JPY, profiting +674 pips in 1 Trade

AUD\NZD Ascending Channel - 120 Pips

Channel Chart Pattern

Pattern: Ascending Channel.
Reliability: Very reliable (over 75% win rate)
Size: 120 Pips in size.
Trading: Upon breakout downwards, enter short trade. Upon pullback to the support level, enter short trade. Target is 120 pips.

EUR\USD Fibonacci Retracement

After a strong uptrend, the EUR\USD has lost momentum for a short while in the last day. It is now showing signs of a continuation in trend as it has touched the 23.6 Fibonacci Retracement level and is beginning to regain strength.

A bullish continuation is expected.

EUR\USD: Pennant Pattern (70 Pips)

A Pennant chart pattern is now present at the major pair of EUR\USD. This is a strong continuation pattern that leads to a continuation upwards. It may also be identified as a Ascending Triangle which is even stronger - and leads to a bullish breakout.

Pattern is 70 pips in size and should be traded in the following way: When price breaks upwards traders can take long trade. Conservative traders will enter at the pullback to the Resistance.

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