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Explained Trade: Ascending Triangle in EUR\USD


A ascending triangle trade in the EUR\USD, on 15-minutes chart. I spotted this pattern after the second downswing on the horizontal support level. The triangle size was 73 pips, measured from his tallest point to the support level.

Asymettric Triangle - EUR\JPY

A perfect Asymettric Triangle is present at the EUR\JPY, at 1-hour chart. Note the higher downswings that show buying pressure on the EUR\JPY, and the horizontal Resistance line right at the 135 level. The strong psychological level also empowers the trades probability.

Pattern size is 317 pips - big pattern with profitable Risk:Reward ratio. At the four-hours chart it can be seen as a part of a Wedge, which can also break upwards.

Pattern target: 138.17.


This Secret Pattern Predicted 89% of Major Market Crashes

Double Tops are one of the most common chart patterns - and in fact they predicted a vast majority of big market moves. In this article I will teach you to identify and trade this chart pattern profitably.

Identifying The Pattern
The Double Top pattern occurs when price is stopped twice at the same Resistance level. This pattern is also called the 'M', because its resemblance to the letter M. It is one of the most reliable and common patterns - almost 80% of the patterns reach their projected target.

The price level between the two tops is called the Neckline.

How To Trade Chart Patterns: Part 2

In this article we will focus on the more practical side of Pattern Trading: Entries. You will learn the two attitudes at trading that will determine your Risk:Reward ratio, the frequency of your trades and eventually you overall profitability.

As mentioned in part 1 of 'How To Trade Chart Patterns', all trading decision you will make should be based on Support and Resistance. Buy at Support, Sell at Resistance, it is a common truth in trading. But things are a bit more complicated.

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