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Bullish Wedge at USD\CHF, Channel at EUR\USD

An descending wedge can be seen at the USD\CHF pair right now, and its upper trend line was tested before so it is a strong one.

Ascending wedges are usually a bullish signal, meaning that price may break the upper trend line and change the direction upwards. However this is not so accurate chart patterns so we advise against taking signals and trading it.

January 07th: EUR\USD Triangle Pattern

A Triangle pattern at the 4-hour chart of the EUR\USD indicates the continuation of the bearish trend. The Triangle is a family of continuation patterns. This particular pattern is the least reliable variation - the symmetric triangle - but it still gives more chance of a continuation of the trend.

December 26th: Wedge at USD\JPY

A Wedge pattern broke upwards at the USD\JPY, hourly chart. A wedge is a strong continuation pattern that usually brings price to continuation of the previous trend. Despite looking like a bearish pattern it usually leads to a bullish breakout. It is expected that price continues the uptrend at the opening.

December 20th: USDCHF Ascending Channel

Channel Chart Pattern

A strong channel pattern has appeared at USD\CHF at 4-hour chart. IT is a strong bullish channel that leads to continuation of the bullish pattern.

Long trade will be signaled at touch of support, Short trade at breakout downwards.

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