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Explained Trade: Megaphone - EUR\USD


EUR\USD Megaphone chart pattern

A trade that occurred at the Euro-Dollar Currency Pair, whose basis was the Megaphone Chart Pattern. The Megaphone chart pattern consists of two expanding trendlines which serve as Support and Resistance areas for price. Price bounces from each trendline to the other, until the breakout in one size.

Trading With Volume

Volume is the fuel behind the price movements on the chart. It shows how many buyers and sellers participated in each candle - and provides priceless information about current trend and its strength. In this article you will learn to implement Volume in your Chart Patterns Trading.

Volume before Price

How To Trade Triangles

Triangles is a group of famous chart patterns, with the most famous being the symmetric triangle. In this article we will teach you how to trade these formations for maximal profit.

Symmetric Triangle

Bullish Flag | AUD\USD

A strong bullish reversal signs in the AUD\USD currency pair:

  1. Flag Pattern - A reversal chart pattern, which resembles a channel but is narrower and allows less room for movement for price.
  2. 23.6% Retracement - A retracement to the 23.6% Fibonacci level, after a strong and long-termed uptrend.
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