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Free Indicator: MA Bounce Signal and Stop Loss

Dear Subscribers,

We at ChartSecret.com have decided to grant you with a powerful indicator from our development team - completely free of charge. We hope you trade it profitably.

This indicator generates buy and sell signals based on bounce from moving average. It also provides exact stop loss position for each trade so your risk is minimized.

Check the examples:

EUR\USD Double Top

EUR\USD has formed a very precise double top chart pattern at hourly chart. This pattern occurs when price touches the same Resistance level twice, creating two round tops at the Resistance. Pattern's size is 110 pips - considerable profit which allows entries with relatively low risk and high reward.


CurrencyPower Indicator

Trade The Big Picture with CurrencyPower Indicator

CurrencyPower is not an ordinary indicator. While most indicators focus on one pair, CurrencyPower shows you the power of all currencies, allowing you to base your trading decisions on several pairs and get strong confirmations for your trades.

CurrencyPower Indicator is using a complex algorithm to identify the strength of the 4 currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and JPY, and plots them on chart. This allows you to gauge the relative strength of each currency, and make more educated trading decisions.

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