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6 Stocks to Buy for When Donald Trump Is President

Donald Trump in the White House might be huuuuuge for some stocks.

On the campaign trail, Trump has exhibited a doomsday view of the current stock market. "Be careful of a bubble because what you've seen in the past might be small potatoes compared to what happens," he said in his campaign announcement speech in June.

Monday Analysis May 6th, 2013

An Ascending Triangle \ Flag has appeared in the NZD\JPY in the 15-minutes chart. It signals that a breakout upwards is likely and a continuation of the bullish trend is expected. We will enter LONG on the pullback.

The Gold is now in a channel, we will take LONG trades on the support level and LONG trades when price breaks upwards and pulls back to the Resistance level from above.

+36 Profit Points on the Live Trade

Closed the trade after 47 minutes, with +36 profit points in the live trading account. Not a bad way to open the trading day ;-)

I hope you took this trade as well and profited from it.


Live Trade on Germany Index - Long

The GERMAN CAC-30 Index has just touched the lower support line of a big ascending channel, so I just entered a long trade with tight stop loss and take profit at the opposite trend line.

Good luck!

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